Saturday, February 11, 2012

52 Small Changes: Mission #1: Drink Up!

Drink an adequate amount of water each day to maintain a healthy level of hydration.

Here we go! Week #1 of my 52 small changes. (I think I will call them "missions". Makes it sound challenging and therefore more satisfying when I complete them. Also sort of like I'm a spy.) And I'm already behind on posting my "results", but visiting guests and the holiday weekend threw me off.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post, drinking water isn't all that hard for me. I am sitting at a desk from 8-5 every day, so it is easy for me to have a glass of water at my desk and drink from it all day. Which I do.

I drink my water out of a giant plastic Duke cup that I have had since I was in college. I love this cup! It's got my sorority letters on it, I keep it for sentimental purposes, and it's huge, so I do
n't have to get up and fill my glass 20 times a day. However, for a long time now, I have been thinking that it is probably not the healthiest idea for me to be drinking out of an old, cracking plastic cup that is 20 several years old and has been seen rolling around in the back of my car, sitting in the sun, etc. BPAs with your water, miss?

So, this last week I finally got my act together and bought a nice little silicone-coated glass bottle to keep at my desk. I also managed to bring a few lemon slices with me to the office. I have been trying to add lemon to my water more often for detoxification purposes, so this week I really made an effort to do that.

Next (this) week's mission: Sleep more. AWESOME. Can't wait.

making oneself happier and healthier

I recently had an amazing girls' weekend at Miraval. I love that place. It is just so nice to slow down, focus on yourself and be quiet for a few days. We hiked, ate amazing food, and had a really lovely time.

While we were there I ran into another friend, Maren, completely randomly. She was on her own girls' weekend with other friends. Such a bonus gift during my trip! Anyway, during a chat one day, Maren recommended a book called The Happiness Project. I don't feel like summarizing the whole premise, but basically the author (Gretchen Rubin) basically had a revelation one day that she needed more happiness in her life, so she set about it. Which you can probably tell by the title of her book.

So while I was looking for The Happiness Project in the self-help section of the bookstore, I came across another book called 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You, by Brett Blumenthal. While Rubin's book is overarching, and her monthly happiness projects include "Contemplate the Heavens" and "Make Time for Friends," Blumenthal's book has projects like "Take a Multivitamin." I decided this book might be more appropriate for my capabilities. I bought both books.

I'm reading The Happiness Project off and on (alongside my usual novels) and am enjoying it. Rubin makes you think. I know I certainly feel I could be a little happier most days. I do appreciate everything I have, and I have a very nice life - but "happy"? I am interested to see how the author's project ends.

As for 52 Small Changes, I have decided ... drum roll ... to chronicle my use of this book's suggestions on this blog. Each week for a year I will look at one of the 52 changes and see if I can incorporate it into my life, whether or not its useful to me, whether or not I feel happier and healthier because of it.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am mostly doing this because I need a theme for posting in my blog. I am better when I have assignments. I think it's probably boring for everyone (myself included) to write/read about what I'm reading every week, and I am SO over Etsy (now Pinterest, on the other hand...). So this weekly thing will give me something to post about.

I don't necessarily think this book is going to be LIFE-CHANGING. I mean, the first week's instructions are to "Drink More Water". I already drink gallons of water, so this won't be that hard for me, nor will it change my life. However, maybe there is some related change I can make that will be useful. We'll see! I know you'll be on the edge of your seat until next weekend's big reveal!