Friday, April 13, 2012

Mission 5: See the Glass as Half Full

I think it's become obvious by now that I am not "making changes" once a week. I'm okay with that. It's mainly the blogging assignments that define my schedule on this project and sometimes I just can't blog once a week. So... it's going to be 52 changes over a general period of time, then. Okay?

Mission #5: Develop an optimistic outlook.

This has actually been a good lesson for me, and one that I do keep thinking about every day, which is good, I think. The objective is to see the glass as half-full. Now, I am simply not myself if I am not worrying or stressing about something, so I have been trying to channel that worry and negativity into more positive thoughts. Recent examples:

(a) My condo complex just took away half our parking spots and we basically have to compete for the few spots there are or else park 3 blocks away. Everyone races home at 5:00 and peels around looking for one of the empty spots. It's pathetic and demeaning. I want to move.

New outlook: My condo is actually quite nice, once you get inside. Walking three blocks is not a huge nightmare. At least I don't live in Syria!

(b) When I'm at work, the incompetence kills me. I have one co-worker who has, on more than one occasion, literally laid her head on her desk and started snoring. I know I should just worry about my own work and not worry about anyone else, but how is this okay?!

New outlook: I am lucky to have a job. I do like my job, aside from some of the people around me. If I lived in Syria I wouldn't even have a job.

(c) My husband and I went to the desert for Easter weekend last weekend. We stayed in a friend's gorgeous condo, we had a really nice time, and yet I cried all the way home because our 4-day vacation wasn't longer.

New outlook: Be thankful you got four lovely days of vacation instead of none. Syrians don't get vacations!

(d) OMG it is so fucking cold in this town.

New outlook: But at least it's pretty!

I'm (sort of) kidding about all the Syrian stuff, but really, I am trying to be thankful for what I have instead of being sad about what I don't have. It's a good lesson. I have been consciously thinking about this every day. Hopefully one day I will become more naturally grateful, even without this assignment.

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